1.1. This agreement (hereinafter referred to as the “Rules”) establishes the rights and procedure for using the AVM Wallet Service (hereinafter “the Wallet”) of AVM Investment (hereinafter the “Company”).
    1.2. The Rules define the principles and conditions under which the Company - AVM Investment, provides the Client (the person accepting the Rules) with access to the System Services, and the Client, in turn, is obliged to use the System and its Services as prescribed by the Company in the Rules.
    1.3. The moments that are not reflected in the Rules, the Company may regulate with its internal procedures and documents (APS), providing access to information about them to a specific Client upon his written reasonable request.


    2.1. Authorization data is a combination of Login and Password.
    2.2. Authorization is the process of authentication of the Client by login and password.
    2.3. Forbidden activity - an activity that has one or more of the following qualities: is a criminal offense in the country of the Client’s jurisdiction; related to the implementation of TRU prohibited for sale in the country of the Client’s jurisdiction; related to the implementation of any TRU (performance of any operations) referred to in Annex 1 to the Rules; contradicts the universal norms of ethics and morality.
    2.4. Verification is the procedure for providing the Client with personal data established by law or the Rules.
    2.5. Verified Client - a registered Client whose identity is established by going through the Identification procedure.
    2.6. Client - a person who has the right or obligation to transfer, receive, use, purchase funds in accordance with the Rules.
    2.7. Wallet - an account of the Client registered in the System and using the Services, stored in the System database, owned by this Client, reflecting the balance of the Funds belonging to him.
    2.8. Merchant - a Client engaged in commercial activities and accepting Funds from other Clients for sold TRU. Merchant can be both physical and legal person.
    2.9. Unverified Client - a registered Client whose identity is not established: may use the Services, in accordance with the Rules.
    2.10. Operation - any transfer of funds using the System.
    2.11. Payment - Funds recorded on the Wallet and transferred from the Client to a third party or from a third party to the Client.
    2.12. Registration - the result of entering the data of the person into the System, after which the Client is identified by the System.
    2.13. Details - the following addresses and phone numbers: from the Company, as well as from the Client - contact details provided by the Client in electronic form during the registration procedure.
    2.14. System - a set of hardware and software designed to provide the Company’s Services to the Client by the Company.
    2.15. Funds - cash in electronic form, which belong to the Client and are recorded on his Wallet.
    2.16. Parties - the Company and the Client at the joint mention.
    2.17. TRU - goods (works, services), payment for which the Client accepts using the System Services.
    2.18. Services (also System Services) - performed using the System of Operations with Funds on Clients' Wallets.

    3.1. The acceptance by the Client of the Rules (acceptance) is carried out by successively performing the following actions by the Client: 
    1)    filling in registration forms on the Website;                     
    2)    familiarization with the terms of the Rules;
    3)    putting a mark of consent with them in the appropriate field of the registration form.
    3.2. Acceptance of the terms of the Rules means the full and unconditional acceptance by the Client of all the conditions of the Rules without any exceptions and / or restrictions and is tantamount to concluding a bilateral written agreement.
    3.3. The term of acceptance of the terms of the Rules is not limited.
    3.4. Access by the Client to the Services is exclusively subject to the prior acceptance of the Rules by them.

4. Wallet "AVM Wallet"

    4.1. After Registration in the System, the Client opens the Wallet. Electronic funds are stored on the Wallet, which allows you to send and receive electronic payments. The wallet is denominated in the currency chosen by the Client from the available currencies.
    4.2. The shelf life of the funds on the Wallet is not limited, the interest is not charged on them.
    4.3. In respect of the Wallet, limits on replenishment, payments and withdrawal of Funds may be applied, depending on the status of the Client and other factors considered by the Company at its own discretion.
    4.4. The company provides the Client with the opportunity to use unverified Wallets or verified Wallets.
    4.5. To use the Service, the Client must open the Wallet, having passed the Registration procedure on the Website, confirming its acceptance of the Rules, as well as its legal capacity. Client - an individual to use the Services, must be of legal age.
    4.6. The client can open the Wallet, if from a legal point of view it is legal in his country of jurisdiction.
    4.7. If the Client uses his Wallet for commercial purposes, he must additionally comply with the provisions of agreements with the Company applicable to Merchants.
    4.8. Information about the Client’s Operations with the Funds and the use of the Wallet is recorded and stored by the Administrator during the term of the Rules and the next five years.
    4.9. The Client’s actions, changing the funds balance, confirm his agreement with the amount of the balance reflected in his Wallet at the previous moment.
    4.10. Access to the Wallet and performing any Transactions using the Wallet are possible only after the Client Authorization.
    4.11. Login is the Customer’s email address or alphanumeric combination specified by the Customer during Registration.
    4.12. Passwords and Payment Passwords are created by the Client independently and can be changed at any time.
    4.13. The Client bears full responsibility for keeping his Authorization data confidential. Any actions with the Wallet performed using the correct Authorization data are deemed to be committed by the Client.
    4.14. In case of loss of the Client’s Authorization data, the Company provides the Client with the opportunity to restore access to the Wallet.
    4.15. The Company may block the Wallet (suspend Payments from the Wallet of this Client), in some cases, in accordance with the Rules and requirements of the legislation of Belize.
    4.17. The client can close his Wallet by contacting the Support Service.


    5.1. A client can replenish his / her Wallet by entering the Personal Account on the Site and following the corresponding instructions for replenishing the Wallet.
    5.2. Purse replenishment methods are services provided by third parties, therefore they are not part of the System Services.
    5.3. When replenishing the Wallet with third parties, all rights and obligations in relation to the Funds credited to the Wallet arise from the Client. The actions of third parties are evaluated by the Parties as committed by the said parties in the interests of the Client.
    5.5. For the replenishment of the Wallet may be charged commissions of third-party services.
    5.6. There are no transaction fees within the Company System.
    5.7. Funds transfer is carried out on the basis of the Client's order, made in electronic form using the Wallet.
    5.8. When accepting a transfer order from the Client, the Company checks the Client’s right to dispose of the Funds based on the Client’s Authentication using Authorization data.
    5.9. The company has the right to limit the withdrawal of funds for customers who have not passed the full Verification.
    5.10. The current limits on the amount of funds on the Wallet and on the amount of payments are indicated on the Website
    5.11. The client can choose the method of withdrawal of funds by forming a withdrawal request in his Personal Account on the Website When withdrawing from the Client, it may be necessary to pass the Identification. There should be enough funds on the Wallet to pay fees for withdrawing funds to third-party services.
    5.12. The funds are written off in accordance with the Rules, applicable law or additional agreement of the Parties.
    5.13. The company cannot guarantee and does not guarantee the value of digital currency. You acknowledge and agree that the value of digital currency is extremely volatile and that buying, selling and using one involves a high risk.
    5.14. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the Company is not responsible for any errors or omissions that it makes in connection with any digital currency transaction through the System. However, the Company guarantees the provision of all possible assistance through contacting the Website Support Service
    5.15. The Client acknowledges and agrees that the transactions that he initiates through the System may not be completed or significantly delayed by the Blockchain network, especially when it is being transferred to third-party resources.
    5.16. When creating an account, the Company provides cryptographic keys for all available digital currencies at the time of registration, which the Client can use to send and receive Funds through the Blockchain network. The key generated by the System serves as the wallet address. This address may be transferred to third parties for transactions.

    6.1. The client receives reports on completed transactions for any period in his Personal Account in the System.
    6.2. The client must ensure that the information in his wallet is accurate and current.


    7.1. The Company has the right to collect, store and process personal data entered by Clients during the execution of Operations, as well as other data automatically transferred to the Company during the use of the System, transfer of these data to third parties for the purpose of executing the Rules or additional agreements with them, as well as all other permitted by the applicable laws of France, transactions with personal data of customers.
    7.2. The company has a policy of combating money laundering (“AML”) and terrorist financing (“CTF”), using systems and procedures consistent with Belize law.
    7.3. The company reserves the right to refuse registration to persons from jurisdictions that do not comply with international standards for combating money laundering.
    7.4. The Company reserves the right to verify and verify its Clients and their operations. Expanded customer research will be conducted periodically as part of our current risk assessment. In addition to this, any attempt to abuse the Company and / or the System will immediately block the relevant Client Account and the violations will be reported to the relevant authorities.

    8.1. The client has the right to:
    8.1.1. get access to all the System Services in accordance with its status and established restrictions;
    8.1.2. Open the Wallet System
    8.1.3. receive technical and informational support.
    8.2. The company has the right to:
    8.2.1. expand the list of services and services;
    8.2.2. modify software, interfaces, procedures, Services;
    8.2.3. in case of detection of malfunctions, for preventive purposes and for the purpose of preventing unauthorized access to the System to suspend its operation;
    8.2.4. request from the Client identification documents and other information in cases stipulated by the Rules and the VAP;
    8.2.5. in the cases established by the Rules and the VAP, refuse to conduct Operations (including, but not limited to, when the Client attempts to carry out the Prohibited Activities);
    8.2.6. take measures against Clients in case of violations of the Rules by them;
    8.3. The client must:
    8.3.1. comply with the terms of the Rules with the Company.
    8.3.2. provide with the Registration in the System and the passage of the verification procedure reliable data.
    8.3.3. not to provide third parties with the opportunity to use their Wallet, not to disclose their Authorization data;
    8.3.4. upon detection of a Transaction, conducted without his consent, unauthorized access to his personal data, loss of Authorization data - immediately notify employees of the Company; all Transactions performed using the Password (Payment Password) prior to such notification are deemed to be performed by the Client;
    8.3.5. ensure that there is no malware on his computer and any storage medium it uses; work with the System on the computer on which you installed: an antivirus, with an updated database (no later than the same number to which you enter the System), a firewall, as well as an updated browser version, all necessary updates for the operating system, as well as software security; use only licensed equipment;
    8.3.6. not refuse to cooperate in investigating or providing proof of identity or any information requested;
    8.3.7. not to use the System for the performance of operations aimed at illegal profit.
    8.3.8. not to use the System for unlawful purposes, including not to conduct Prohibited Activities;
    8.3.9. independently take into account the income received as a result of Operations in the System, and pay taxes in accordance with the laws of their country;
    8.3.10. not to allow the presence of a negative balance of funds on the wallet.
    8.3.11. The client guarantees that all the conditions of the Rules are clear to him, and he accepts them unconditionally and in full.
    8.3.12. The Client is solely responsible for any canceled, invalid, contested Operations.
    8.3.13. Failure to comply with any of the conditions of this section 10.3 imposes liability for all losses suffered on the Client.
    8.4. The company must:
    8.4.1. determine the Rules, organize and monitor their compliance with Clients;
    8.4.2. provide Clients with access to the System;
    8.4.3. send notifications to the Client about any Transactions made from his Wallet to the email address specified by the Client, according to the notifications included in the Client Cabinet;
    8.4.4. provide support services.


    9.1. In the event of non-fulfillment and (or) improper fulfillment of their obligations under the Rules, the Parties shall be liable in accordance with the Rules, the VAP and French law.
    9.2. The Client undertakes to indemnify the Company for the damage caused by any payments due to the Company due to violations by the Client of the laws,
    9.3. The client is independently responsible for compliance with the requirements of applicable law.
    9.4. The client fully agrees with the provisions of the policy on compliance with anti-money laundering and terrorist financing requirements and agrees to comply with them.
    9.5. The client guarantees that his activities on the Internet and in the System do not contradict generally accepted principles and norms of morality.
    9.6. The amounts of the Client’s obligations may be debited from his Wallet by the Company without further acceptance. In case of insufficiency of funds on the Client’s Wallet, the Company may require the Client to immediately replenish his Wallet with the missing amount or begin procedures to recover the debt from the Client.
    9.7. The Client undertakes not to take any actions that mislead other persons regarding the services provided by the Company and that could directly or indirectly damage the Company's business reputation, including presenting themselves as representatives of the Company in any quality and context, falsifying the System’s internal information, including transaction numbers, wallets and any other data, in the form of text, screenshots and any other media, the creation of clone sites based on the System and other similar actions. In case of violation of this rule, the Company reserves the right to block accounts, freeze funds until the completion of the proceedings, as well as other types of restrictions on the provision of services. The Company also reserves the right to initiate the prosecution of violators in the courts of the relevant jurisdiction, including cases when such actions are committed by unauthorized persons who are not Clients.
    9.8. The Company provides a limited, non-exclusive sub-license for access and use of the System’s materials for personal or business purposes. Such sub-license is in full compliance with these Rules and does not allow any resale of the Company's materials, distribution, public broadcasting or public display, modification or any arbitrary use of the Company's materials or any part of such materials for other purposes.
    9.9. The Company owns exclusive rights, including all intellectual property rights, to any feedback, suggestions, ideas or other information, or materials regarding the System, or any other services provided by the Company, whether by email, through publications, through the Company's Services or otherwise referred to in these Rules as Feedback.

    10.1. The Company shall not be liable to the Client in the event of:
    10.1.1. transfer by the Client of his data to third parties, deliberately providing access to his Wallet in the System or other breach of the confidentiality of data by the Client;
    10.1.2. the presence of "viruses" and other malware in the equipment and software used by the Client to access the System;
    10.1.3. illegal actions of third parties, including those associated with the use of Customer Registration, as well as his email.
    10.1.4. any disputes regarding transactions concluded between Customers using the System;
    10.1.5. claims of tax, regulatory and law enforcement agencies to the Client regarding the reporting or taxation of his transactions using the System.
    10.2. The Company is not responsible for the temporary inoperability of the System, failures and errors in the operation of hardware or software (including, but not limited to, disconnection or damage to power supply and communication networks, software failures, interruptions in mail, Internet service providers, payment systems, other lines, channels and (or) networks that are provided, served or serviced by third parties, etc.) that occurred through no fault of the Company, and is not responsible in this case for possible losses of the Client.
    10.3. The company is not responsible for:
    10.3.1. the Client’s lack of access to software or hardware that ensures the functioning of the System, and is not responsible for the Client’s losses.
    10.3.2. the consequences of the inability to contact the Client for the details provided to them, as well as the provision of false information by the Client to the System or not updating them;
    10.3.3. Client’s losses resulting from the impossibility of its Identification;
    10.3.4. any payment services that are delivered to the Client by third parties;
    10.3.36. Client’s losses resulting from not acquainting oneself with the current version of the Rules or with the VAP.
    10.4. In the event of loss of the Authorization data, the System’s Wallet blocking, the Client’s loss of the Password, the Wallet Blockage or other events whose consequences cannot be eliminated without identifying the Client’s identity, the Company shall not be liable to the Uncertified Client for possible losses and inability to use the Wallet in the future. Confirming the ownership of the Wallet to an Unverified Customer is possible by submitting the original Customer’s agreement with the Mobile Communications Administrator.
    10.5. The Company shall not be liable for losses of the Client and third parties resulting from:
    10.5.1. Wallet lock;
    10.5.2. the impossibility of performing Transactions with the Wallet, regardless of the grounds for such impossibility;
    10.5.3. incorrect filling of instructions and data on the operation;
    10.5.4. issuing erroneous instructions for crediting and (or) withdrawing funds from the Wallet;
    10.5.5. violation by the Client of the established procedure for making Payments;
    10.5.6. compliance by any Party with legal or regulatory requirements;
    10.5.7. the violation by the Client of the requirements of these Rules and (or) the terms of any contract entered into by the Client in connection with the use of the System, as well as the instructions of the Company, and (or) the generally accepted principles of morality and ethics.
    10.6. The Company does not bear any responsibility for any indirect or indirect losses of the Client or third parties, including loss of profit, loss (loss, non-receipt, unreasonable waste) of income, profits, contracts, customers, time, data, enterprise or reputation.
    10.7. The Client agrees to protect the interests of the Company, reimburse the Company for losses and pay compensation, and to release the Company and its affiliates from damage from any claims, claims, costs or expenses (including legal support costs, fines or penalties) that they incur as a result of on the basis of the Client’s violation of these Rules, any applicable laws or regulations and / or use of the System. This provision remains in force after the termination of relations between the Parties.
    10.8. If, due to the Client’s fault, the Payment made is a reason for the payer to make a claim to the Company for the protection of the violated right, the Company has the right to demand from the recipient of the Reimbursement funds for losses incurred as a result of collection of funds or other property from the Company in favor of the payer.
    10.9. The Company provides the Clients with the use of the Services as they currently exist and without any guarantees.
    10.10. The company does not act as an adviser, including in relation to any financial, legal, investment, insurance and / or tax issues. Any information provided by the Company is for informational purposes only. The client is fully responsible for making any of his transactions.

    11.1. Upon registration, the Client is obliged to provide the Company with reliable information (Requisites) for communicating with the Client and sending him notifications.
    11.2. By default, the proper way to inform the Client about the Operation is to send a notification to the email address provided by the Client.
    11.3. The client can contact the Company at any time by sending a message to the support service.

    12.1. The client must take all reasonable steps to save the Password to his Wallet in a safe place and not disclose it to anyone.
    12.2. The Client is fully responsible for all risks associated with the use of the Internet when interacting with the Company (other Clients, third parties).
    12.3. The Client assumes full responsibility for the safety of his Authorization data and all risks associated with their loss (loss, compromise).
    12.4. In order to ensure the security of the Wallet and (or) prevent its use for unauthorized or fraudulent purposes, the Company has the right to perform a number of actions in accordance with applicable law, the Rules and the VFD, including a temporary Wallet Blocking.


    13.1. The client may unilaterally refuse to comply with the terms of the Rules, subject to the following conditions:
        - the absence of unfulfilled obligations of the Client to the Company and (or) third parties who interact with the Client through the System and (or) its Services;
        - the receipt by the Company of a properly issued notice by the Company in advance of at least 30 (Thirty) calendar days in advance by the Client about the refusal to comply with the terms of the Rules.
    13.2. The Company has the right to refuse to comply with the terms of the Rules in relation to a specific Client unilaterally with the mandatory written notification of the Client no later than three days.
    13.3. From the date of such refusal, the acceptance of instructions for making transfers in favor of the Client is terminated. Any monetary obligations of the Parties arising prior to the date of such refusal are preserved until their full execution.
    13.4. The Company may withhold any funds of the Client until the latter fully repays its obligations and pay out of these funds the payments due from the Client for its obligations.


    14.1. As required, the Company has the right to unilaterally make the appropriate changes to the Rules.
    14.2. The amended version of the Rules is published in the open part of the Site.
    14.3. The use of the System by the Client after the introduction of changes into the action is understood as his unconditional acceptance of these changes.


    15.1. All Services are provided in accordance with current Belize law. If the use by the Client of the System and Services is contrary to the laws of its jurisdiction, the Company asks such Client not to use the Services. The client is fully responsible for his compliance with the laws of his jurisdiction and for any possible losses or losses from non-compliance with this requirement.
    15.2. The parties agree:
    15.2.1. to try to find the possibility of informal settlement of the dispute before any arbitration;
    15.2.2. any arbitration will take place at the location of the Company;
    15.2.3. arbitration will be held confidentially with a single arbitrator in accordance with the rules applicable in Belize.
    15.3. Any judicial relations are held towards the Company, without affecting the participants / employees of the company.
    15.4. Any dispute between the Parties will be governed by the Terms and Laws of Belize, without giving effect to any conflict of conflict of laws principles, which may provide for the application of the law of another jurisdiction.


    16.1. All disputes and disagreements arising in the process of using the System based on the Rules are resolved through negotiations.
    16.2. The basis for the beginning of negotiations is the sending by one Party of a written claim to the other Party. The claim is considered within thirty days of its receipt. If a dispute cannot be resolved in a complaint procedure within a specified period, any of the Parties shall have the right to apply to the court at the location of the Company.

    17.1. The parties are not responsible for any delays in the performance or non-performance of obligations, any damage, including losses, as well as costs associated with claims or claims of third parties that may arise as a result of force majeure. The party in respect of which the circumstances of force majeure are valid shall be obliged to notify the other Party no later than 10 days after the occurrence of these circumstances.
    17.2. The provisions of clause 17.1 do not limit or terminate the obligations of the Client regarding the execution and refund of Payments, payment of any kind of fines, penalties, Fees, commissions, return of goods or (in) performance of works and services.


    18.1. The Client is not entitled to transfer his rights and obligations arising from the Rules to third parties without the prior written consent of the Company.
    18.2. If one or more of the provisions of the Rules are or become invalid by virtue of a court decision or amending the applicable law, this does not entail the cancellation of the other provisions of the Rules.
    18.3. The company has the right to make any changes to the Rules aimed at bringing them into line with the new norms of legislation.
    18.4. The rules are written in English and Russian. In case of disagreement between the Russian and English texts of the Rules, the text in English prevails.
    18.5. All annexes to the Rules are their integral part.

    Products, works and services prohibited for sale using the System:
    1. Weapons, ammunition and means of self-defense, exact copies of firearms or cold weapons.
    2. Narcotic and similar substances and plants, as well as their ingredients or any means for their production, as well as descriptions of the methods of manufacturing such substances.
    3. Medicinal and medical preparations, sold only by prescription, as well as raw materials or instructions for their production.
    4. State award or decals.
    5. Identity cards and government documents (including forged ones), as well as everything related to the creation or receipt of false identity documents or forged state documents.
    6. Uniform of state bodies.
    7. Special items related to the police and law enforcement.
    8. Electronic equipment prohibited in this area.
    9. Devices for breaking or opening locks.
    10. Information containing personal data or data suitable for carrying out illegal activities (spam mailings, etc.).
    11. TRU or information containing state, bank or commercial secret.
    12. TRU whose sale violates the copyright and / or related rights of third parties, the rights to trademarks or patents.
    13. Information violating privacy secrets, encroaching on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities.
    14. Information transmitted exclusively virtually and not recorded on any material carrier (ideas, methods, principles, etc.).
    15. Objects of the archaeological heritage
    16. Items or services that violate the norms of public morality (including but not limited to the following: child pornography, Nazi memorabilia, escort services, prostitution).
    17. Any equipment for the organization and conduct of gambling.
    18. Any items with originally available, but remote serial numbers.
    19. Malicious software.
    20. Goods or services that directly or indirectly compel illegal actions (advocating social, racial, religious or ethnic discord; discrimination, violence, hatred, revenge, persecution, propaganda of terror or harm).
    21. Perishable goods.
    22. Counterfeit or counterfeit goods.
    23. Objects and equipment intended for use (including illegal transfer) of copyright objects without the permission of the authors (including but not limited to the above: elements or software for electronic devices designed to remove copyright protection or regional restrictions).
    24. Dangerous goods (including but not limited to those listed: containing explosive, toxic, toxic, radioactive materials).
    25. Information on the manufacture of explosive, pyrotechnic, incendiary, etc. substances and devices.
    26. Human organs and remains.
    27. Goods or services that do not have consumer value.
    28. The services of auctions or trading systems, allowing to conduct activities that exclude the transfer of GWS with use value.
    29. Financial or payment instruments, the accounting systems of which do not provide proper identification of the owner’s identity for the purposes of combating illegal trade, financial fraud, money laundering and money laundering.
    30. The subjects of history and art that make up the cultural values ??of the country.
    31. Services of organizers and operators of lotteries, gambling terminals, gambling, betting, betting, betting, casinos, any gambling
    32. Advertising services (promotion) of goods, works and services listed in paragraphs 1-31 of this list.
    33. You agree that all information, messages, materials coming from are unwanted and should be kept confidential and kept confidential and protected from any disclosure. In addition, the information, messages and materials contained in this document should not be construed as a proposal or as a request for investment in any jurisdiction that considers non-public offers or offers illegal, as well as any person who would be illegal to make such a proposal or request.
    34. You agree to secure all directors and members from any liability. You invest at your own risk and risk, and you agree that past results are not a clear guarantee of the same future level. You agree that all information, messages and materials that you find on this site should be treated as informational and educational issues, and not as investment advice.
    35. We reserve the right to change the rules, commissions and tariffs of the program at any time and at our sole discretion without prior notice, especially in order to respect the integrity and security of the interests of participants. You agree that you are solely responsible for reviewing current conditions.
    36. is not responsible for any losses, damages and expenses caused by any violation of the terms and conditions and / or the use of our website by one of the participants. You guarantee that you will not use this site in any unlawful manner, and you agree to abide by your local, national, and international laws.
    37. reserves the right to accept or reject any participant without giving reasons.

If you do not agree with the above disclaimer, please do not go any further.